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Ilona Jenkins


Hi! My name is Ilona Jenkins and I'm a graphic textile designer who appreciates the aesthetics of intriguing symmetry by printing them on various media. 

There  is a strong presence in lasting designs that balance the reliable and steady with the exciting or unpredictable. From the mundane to the exotic, from inception to production and delivery I L L I D E S I G N can help you solve your design challenges. 
I L L I D E S I G N  offers a selection of original designs on various products. For special occasions some products may be customized.
I L L I D E S I G N can also serve as a design consultant to individuals or companies looking for help with textile or graphic design.

Ilona studied Textile Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts followed by a concentration on Textile Design in Konstfack in Stockholm where she went on to work for companies in the print industry for the past five years and continues to live as a professional designer.

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